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    ​​Island Tiny Homes is located on the island Maui.

    We specialize in custom built Tiny Homes on wheels.

    Our mission is to live out our passion for building while creating quality and affordable housing for our growing community.

    Island Tiny Homes

    Founder - Kalani Iselin

    & Builder- Adam Anderson 


    Kalani Iselin is from Maui, HI and has lived in Kula for the past 5 ½ years in a home that he built for himself. He has been in the construction business since he was 17 years old and considers building his art form. In 2013 he attended a social entrepreneurship program in Sweden called The International Youth Initiative Program where he had the opportunity to better work with the ideas of how business and social development can coincide. Island Tiny Homes is his first venture since returning to Maui. Here he finds the opportunity to blend his passion of building with the islands need for quality and affordable housing.



    Adam Anderson is originally from New England. He is an experienced builder with 18 years of hands on practice. He takes pride in quality craftsmanship and is excited to be an active member of this project where he gets to take his interest in alternative building to the next level! ​

  • Island Tiny Homes
  • Design Your dream

    home/art studio/ office/ guest room


    Regardless of if you are wanting to design a basic shell or a fully completed home Island Tiny Homes can meet your needs! Check out some of our starting options below or contact us to start designing your custom Tiny Home today.


    All good things start with a great foundation!

    Please note that we build each Island Tiny Home on custom built trailers specifically designed for this use!


    The Basic Shell

    ​Want to build and design your own interior? Our Basic Shell is Island Tiny Home's most affordable option. All of our Shells are bug and weather proof structures that include:
    custom tiny home trailer, plywood sub floor, windows, roofing, walls, wall sheathing and trim.

    The Basic Turn - Key

    Our Basic Turn-Key models are ready to go with all electric, plumbing and appliances installed.

    This model includes:

    exposed stud interior, plywood exterior, appliances, shelving, bedroom, flooring, lighting and plumbing.

    The Deluxe Turn - Key

    Our Deluxe Turn-Key model is also ready to go with all electric, plumbing and appliances installed. Just pull it up to its new home site, plug it in you're ready to go!

    Our Deluxe Turn- Key model includes:

    top quality tongue and groove wall & roof sheathing, loft, bathroom, kitchen cabinets, dining area, appliances, shelving, bedroom, flooring, lighting and plumbing.

  • Pricing

    As with all construction pricing varies greatly depending on the model and building material you choose. Our most basic shell pricing starts at $29,400.


    Please contact us with your desired style and use for your structure and we can get back to you with a more tailored price estimate.

    The Basic Shell Starts At:


    The Basic Turn - Key Starts At:

    $35, 200

    The Deluxe Turn - Key Starts At:


  • Plans

    Our most common design has 160 sq. ft. of ground floor area and 76 sq. ft. of loft.

    Please note that depending on the design you choose that square footage will vary.

    Island Tiny Homes
  • FAQ

    Before submitting your inquiry please check out some of our most commonly asked questions!

    Q: How long will it take to build my Tiny Home?
    -Building time varies from one to four months depending on the model you choose and the materials you choose to finish your tiny home.
    Q: Does Island Tiny Homes Deliver my finished product?
    - We will deliver for an additional fee depending on your location.


    Q: What is the square footage of an Island Tiny Home?

    - Our most common design has 160 sq. ft. of ground floor area and 80 sq. ft. of loft.

    Please note that depending on the trailer that you choose square footage will vary.
    Q: Are these considered legal ‘dwelling structures’?
    - These structures are legal to live in long or short term as long as they are parked on private property and the owner has given permission. For more information on legalities please check out this article.

    Q: Where does Island Tiny Homes source their materials?
    - We source our building materials from a wholesaler on the mainland to ensure quality and affordability.


    Q: How is Island Tiny Homes support the green movement?

    -Island Tiny Homes always takes great care during the designing and building process to keep building waste to an absolute minimum!  We have also done hours of research in seeking out eco friendly options which we always prefer building with. However it is up to you to make the final call on the materials used in building your Tiny Home.  

    Q: What about the toilet?

    - The two most common options for Tiny Home Bathrooms is to go with a dry composting toilet or a low flush RV style toilet with a holding tank stored underneath the structure.

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